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Because all our solutions are integrated we can customise any package to your specific needs, large or small.

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Ya-yaonline takes your data security extremely serious and goes beyond the minimal requirements to ensure that data is safe at the physical level, network level, host level and application level. This attention to detail translates in piece of mind for our clients.

How secure is ya-yaonline's hosting

All data is hosted in a top-tier, world-class data centre. We host all our servers with a specialist hosting provider called Rackspace. They are extremely high rated within their market and we choose them as they match ya-yaonline's high level of customer care culture - their system is called 'Fanatical Customer Care'. They also have one of the world's most secure hosting facilities including live 24x7x365 video surveillance, biometric security and pass cards, and data recovery backups.

How do ya-yaonline plan for a surge in users?

We are aware of the potential for a surge of users logging on to slow down or bring down a web system. To prevent these problems we have run load test scenarios to ensure that the system remains responsive at all times.

How secure is the ya-yaonline payment processing system

When using our payment system (i.e. merchant id) all payment history and data is fully PCI Level 1 Compliant.

Does ya-yaonline have a back-up system?

This a crucial activity and we take it extremely seriously. Hourly backups of customer data stored in different geographic locations.

How secure is the data?

All web traffic including data transfer is with 128bit SSL. Admin user acounts require password and authentication access, and passwords are stored in an encrypted format.

Our strict privacy policy prevents any unauthorised people from accessing your data.