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Help Centre

Creating an Event

Creating an event is very easy as the system takes you through the step by step process.


Setting up your event

  1. Creating an event
  2. Setting up tickets
  3. Setting up registration fields
  4. Setting up your payment details – Paying events only
  5. Editing your event
  6. Adding promo codes



Comms Centre

The comms centre is a very intuitive tool that allows you to send out emails to prospective attendees inviting them to attend your event, resend confirmation emails and also send out updates to your registered visitors. It can do a lot of things.


Invite Tool

  1. Create list
  2. Upload your list
  3. Create your invitation
  4. Send a test invitation
  5. Send your invitation
  6. Copy a previous invitation
  7. Get the results from your invitations
  8. Send reminders to those that have not responded
  9. See invitation reports


Email Tool

  1. Create list
  2. Create a list of people already attending your event
  3. Upload your list
  4. Create your email
  5. Sending a test email
  6. Send your email
  7. Copy a previous email


Other emails

  1. Re-sending all emails
  2. Checking the sent status of an email


1 to 1 Meetings

The 1 to 1 Networking tool alows your delegates to book 1 to 1 meetings during pre assigned blocks of time and locations at your event.

  1. Setting up 1 to 1 networking.
  2. Setting partnering blocks.
  3. Editing the 1 to 1 networking Email.
  4. Uploading delegates
  5. Cancelling delegates
  6. Sending pending reminders
  7. Delete pending meetings
  8. Onsite
  9. Partnering report


Using RegieWeb

RegieWeb offers a great web building service powered by an easy to use content management system. Below you will find helpful guides on some of the features and frequently asked questions about the system.

  1. Transfering your domanin
  2. How to upload a banner image
  3. Adding a speaker to the speakers module
  4. Using the multi-track agenda module