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Totally secure on all fronts, our solutions protect you & your delegates from any cyber attack.
Our platform is 100% robust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ya-yaonline? How do I start using ya-yaonline products? What type of events can I set-up? Are there different versions of the products? What features and functionality does the ya-yaonline products have? How long does it take to set-up the event? Do I need to spend any preparation time? What are the costs? What are the options for organising for delegates to pay? What if the event is free? How does ya-yaonline make its money? How do I contact ya-yaonline? What help does ya-yaonline offer? When you update technology does the technology come through to my event? Can I cancel an account? What is my event is cancelled? Do I need to upload my own T&C for my event? What currencies can we invoice in? How secure is my data? What is your data protection policy What platform are the products developed on?